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PHPRoad comes with a flexible yet powerful Content Management System (CMS); flexible enough to modify site content without any technical experience, powerful enough for developers to have complete control over the front-end.

Content without the code

You have the ability to modify any phrase, word or sentence throughout the site without touching a single line of code. Usually a daunting experience, this process is simplified using the CMS interface.

Freedom with themes

Themes with PHPRoad are not like your average theme, instead they should be considered the life blood of your website's front end. Web designers gain complete freedom to build your application exactly how you want, there are no rules here.

Multilingual support

PHPRoad let's you customise and present your website in the language of your choice. Translation is usually a time consuming task, but the tools are available to make it happen easily.

Simple content editor

PHPRoad comes packaged with Redactor by Imperavi, the most fantastic HTML edtior ever. With a beautiful, clean, and simple yet efficient design that you will absolutely love, you can effortlessly manage the formatted content on your site.

Staff control

Gicing your staff or moderators complete control over your site's front end can be risky if they don't know what they're doing. To address this problem you can limit access to editing specific areas of the site only.

File based or online editing

Content, styles and page code can be managed by either using the file system or online via the admin interface. The file system is where developers feel most comfortable and the online editor is perfect for minor touch-ups on the fly.

Pure PHP templating

PHPRoad uses only PHP for it's templating engine, so there is no need to learn a complex templating system. This makes the code quick to learn, simple to understand and easy to maintain over time.

The admin interface used for PHPRoad is designed to be empowering, intuitive to use and fun to navigate. Acting as the control center to your website, you can get a complete overview of site activity, combied with the ability to manage day to day operations with minimal stress.

One-click updates

Unlike other software that have cumbersome manual file updates, PHPRoad supports rolling updates. All you do is check for any new updates, click the install button and your done.

Powerful API driven architecture

PHPRoad is driven by an Application Programming Interface (API) which keeps the back-end separated from the front-end. This translates to safer software updates and more reliable code, you can feel secure knowing nothing will break when you update to the latest version.

Clean code, strong design patterns

PHPRoad's admin is built using modular architecture and strong design patterns. This means cleaner code that can scale as fast as you need to. The main goal is to avoid reinventing the wheel or starting from scratch when the demands on your website change.

Easy to customise

You can add features or custom options along side the existing tools without having to hack them to pieces and without losing the ability to update to the latest code. Just about everything is in PHPRoad extendable and there is a suite of tools available to make the development process easy.

Built in error and trace logging

Detailed error logging and accessible trace logging are the corner stone to effective programming. These features are baked in to PHPRoad and will save you from many frustrating hours. All site errors (including fatal PHP errors) are logged containing the full trace history and can be viewed via the admin interface or on the file system.